Bear in the woods

Again, I digress to wildlife instead of dog training.

We went on a hike at a local park and to our complete amazement we came across this bear in the woods.

Had to share 🙂

We were surprised to come across this bear while on our hike!



This isn’t about dogs or dog training but it is about an animal. As I opened the door from the family room to the garage what did I see in the garage but a FOX!

The garage doors were open, as it was warmer outside than in, and as I opened the door and looked down there was a very poorly looking fox. Appears that he/she may have mange and with the fox being that close to the house, during broad daylight, I fear perhaps rabid. I admit to having said a loud Ahhh and quickly shutting the door as he made a hasty retreat out the garage door… and hasn’t been seen since.

Over the last few years we have had one particularly handsome fox that would often go through the yard. On occasion seen with game in its mouth. I hope this wasn’t that same once beautiful animal.

It makes me sad and I fear he’s not long for this world.