Hi and welcome to my blog.

I’m hoping to share content that you will find:

  • helpful when training your own dog
  • funny — some posts are intended to make you laugh, or at least smile
  • educational — sharing experiences, so you can benefit from what I’ve learned

I’ve been around dogs all of my life, joining 4-H to train my first dog at 9. I was an accomplished junior handler through high school and went on to study Psychobiology (animal behavior) in college. I had several wonderful internships including: studying coyotes in the wild in Colorado; working in a primate communications lab in Philadelphia; as well as studying Pere David Deer with the National Zoo.

The need for income took me away from animal studies for a number of years while I pursued a career in marketing & advertising. I adopted a rescue Cairn in 1992 (I’d had Cairns as a child) and loved Nick until he passed in 2000 at 13. Long story short I decided I wanted a show Cairn which brought me together with Casey later in 2000 when he was 8 weeks old. I give Casey full credit for turning me professional. I earned my CPDT-KA certification in 2006 and have been teaching dog training classes with the Dog Training Center of Chester County since 2003.

The methods I use and encourage are positive and science based.

I hope you will enjoy my posts and find them helpful. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

Happy training 🙂




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