Casey comes home

We picked Casey up at Metro on Saturday morning. He was wearing one of those awful e-collars (plastic cone) and his left-hind leg was heavily bandaged all the way up to his hip. In spite of it all, Casey seemed to be doing pretty well.

I asked the discharge nurse how he’d been for his pills (I knew the answer before I asked) and was told that they managed to get them into him but they did mark his kennel with a “warning” sign. Giving Casey his meds has NEVER been easy, so I could just imagine… I was not looking forward to the next few weeks of pills and liquid medication.

Fortunately the ride home was uneventful, I held Casey in the back seat of the car. When we got home we spent a low-key day as a family in the living room. There was snow outside — so the bandage had to be covered and I had to do my best to make sure he would not slip on any ice when I took him out.

Casey didn’t have much of an appetite, even though he had not eaten in over 36-hours. He refused to eat at Metro, which was not a surprise. In preparation for his homecoming I’d roasted a chicken (a favorite dish) and finally managed to get him to eat something. He was still recovering from the anesthesia, which I think affected his stomach and digestion. He was also in pain, so pain meds were important, even if he didn’t want to take them.

Casey had to wear the e-collar to make sure he would not get to the bandage, however it looked uncomfortable. I’d borrowed a soft blow-up version from a friend. While the new one worked Casey could still get to the bandage if he really tried, so for bedtime I decided he really needed to wear the cone.

None of us slept much that night! First of all Casey was on restrictions — no steps or stairs — so he had to be carried to bed. Every time he’d get picked up he’d growl (talk about unappreciative). I’d modified his bed, removing his wicker frame, so he could just lie on the mattress. That wasn’t good enough, Casey was used to spending a little time each night on our bed before going to sleep in his own (yes, he’s VERY spoiled). But now he wasn’t allowed on the furniture (fear of jumping) so that started his cries of unhappiness. The cries continued almost all night. It was impossible to tell whether they were cries of pain, discomfort, sadness, misery or all of the above. Casey had never cried like that before. It was heart wrenching.

Somehow we made it through the night but the lack of sleep didn’t help any of us… we carried on.

Next time, how we made it through the next 12 days.


2 Comments on “Casey comes home”

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    Awww…poor Casey and poor humans. It must have been heartbreaking for you to see him in distress

    • bdorancpdt says:

      Yes, heartbreaking is a good description. I wanted to start back with the blog and document the experience from the beginning, but the whole thing was so overwhelming that I just couldn’t do it. Now that I can see real progress I can share information with a better perspective.
      Thanks for your kind words, as always 🙂

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