Petite pooches graduate

Last night I had the pleasure of graduating my Petite Pooches from their Basic Manners class. They made me proud!

On the last night of class I like to set up a little obstacle course (for the lack of a better term) where there are various stations for them to perform the skills they’ve learned over the prior weeks. Each handler/dog team always adds their own flair to the exercise. The course was as follows:

• Start with a sit
• Loose leash walking is required as the team travels between stations
• Walk over a bar on the ground (you’d be surprised, it’s not always as easy as you might think)
• Sit in a hula hoop
• Recall through a jump shoot of cavalletties
• Wait at the gate
• Touch
• Meet & greet without jumping

Everyone did a remarkable job all while smiling & laughing and cheering each other on. When I asked if they thought they could have done this 6 weeks earlier, they all said a resounding NO.

Many expect to continue on with their training — some looking toward agility while others perhaps more suited for therapy work. As long as the teams are having fun and enjoying each others company my mission has been accomplished 🙂