Canine Freestyle

I started training in canine freestyle (dance) a couple of years ago after auditing a seminar. My dog Casey has many talents but did not thrive in most of the venues I presented to him. In spite of this he earned — his conformation championship, titles in agility, rally obedience and traditional obedience.

However, when given the chance to dance to music you could see a change come over Casey. While we “dance” primarily for fun the World Canine Freestyle Organization offers a video competition. You can actually compete world wide without having to leave the comfort of your training facility! We completed our 1st competition this last December with a qualifying dance.

My original goal was to put together a video that people who’ve known Casey through his life could see. I wanted them to have a chance to see for themselves how a dog, who was once referred to as “too far gone” (too reactive for even a pet home) by a respected breeder, could flourish and indeed thrive given the proper time, commitment, support, love and opportunities for success.

Casey has taught me many things and has been an inspiration along the way.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂



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