Yes, it was noisy!

Petite Pooch class last night was noisy, as expected. It started with a few over excited pups waiting in the lobby for our training room to open up (there was a class finishing up in there). There was alarm barking at every movement! My immediate suggestion was for each owner to provide their dog with some tasty treats, to distract them. Additionally I suggested that they try to turn their dog away from the doorway so that they wouldn’t see EVERY dog coming & going. The lobby area is always a challenge as we turn over classes.

Once all the little ones were in the training room they were still yappy. I think mostly because their adrenalin was so high from both being in the lobby and the new environment of the training facility β€” they just couldn’t help themselves. I continued to ask the handlers to feed their dogs, to help quiet them.

At the beginning of class I also ask that folks not hold their dogs on their laps (unless a dog is especially terrorized) because that doesn’t allow the dog to gain confidence on its own. I try to make sure that there’s ample distance between the dogs so that a neighbor can’t unexpectedly get into a dog’s immediate space β€” so they can feel safe.

With all the barking it gets to be a little difficult to hear/talk over the din, however, as soon as people start working on skills with their dogs i.e. the first behavior I train is developing their marker word “yes”, it’s amazing how quiet the room becomes! I am convinced that at least 95% of all dogs want to work. There’s no need to bark if you’re busy, and happy about it!

The class ended up wonderfully quiet with lots of wagging tails πŸ™‚



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