Awesome Blog Content Award

Thank you so much to Fluffy Tufts Gang for honoring us with a nomination for:

The Rules for this award are:

ONE: Share something about you, alphabetically!  Just a word or two about you starting with each alphabet letter!

TWO: Nominate worthy bloggers for this award, no limit how many you forward it to.

Here’s our alphabetical list of dog stuff we love:

A = Agility

B= Basic Manners

C = Canine Good Citizen

D = Dancing with my dog

E = Enthusiastic Recalls

F = Flyball

G = Games

H = Heeling

I = Intro to dog sports

J = Jumping

K = Kindergarten puppy training

L = Loose Leash Walking

M = Motivational training

N = Novice Obedience

O = Open Obedience

P = Puppies

Q = Quick responses t cues

R = Rally Obedience

S = Solid stays

T = Therapy dogs

U = Utility Obedience

V = Versatility Achievement

W = Working with my dog

X = eXcellent levels of agility & rally

Y = Yummy dog treats

Z = Zen (doggie style)

Thanks for the honor!


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